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Training Services


Agile Trainings

Agile training series are a customized to the audience, Development team, Business Analysts, Product Owners, and Business Owners.
Course will also cover how to work with Jira or similar tools and how to read the reports out of the tools to understand how the team is performing. 
Other tools required to run a team on the ground during grooming sessions will also be covered. We will ensure that you are able to run the team efficiently and effectively.

CI CD for Agile Adoption

CI CD for Agile adoption is aimed to help to make the most out of your agile transformation. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are a set of operating principles, and collection of practices that enable the development team to deliver continuously with minimal manual intervention.
CI CD is the rocket fuel for Agile adoption.

Big Data and Analytics

Day by day, things are getting smarter and connected, be it a mobile phone or a connected car. Every activity creates more data and analyzing data to create meaningful insights is the key to success and it’s a top priority for organizations. Deriving insights and making predictions using data falls under data science. As the size of the data keeps increasing and cannot be stored or processed in a single machine, it calls for Big Data technologies.

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