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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We offer our services either at the beginning of your agile adoption or help align your existing agile practices to the 'true agile' manner.

If you are beginning to adopt agile practices, we can help to do it right the first time. We analyze your existing delivery patterns, and the fitment of agile solutions and suggest the best method to go with. We have had clients who wanted to adopt scrum because they wanted to be agile, but it was not the best framework for their needs. We can discuss more in detail one-on-one. We love to interact face to face with the customers to get the first hand information and understand the needs of the business.

We also cater to the customers who have adopted agile practices for a while and have not been to derive the full benefits from it. May be your agile adoption was not right, or there are opportunities in your agile adoption where some fine tuning on the approach can derive better results. We have been there and done that, and can help you enjoy those benefits too.

Our consultants have had immense experience in software development that we understand the pain points of the developers faster than anyone else. We have managed multi-million dollar engagements as project managers and program managers that we are able to fit in to your shoes to think what you are looking for from a project or a program.

Your organization might have adopted scrum for some time. But how agile you truly are can be determined by our experts in quick time. We wont just leave you there, but will help you transform your Agile journey the right way.

Feel free to review our case studies section to review some scenarios where we have  helped the clients to reap the full benefits of agile adoption.